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Vertical Gardening Systems: All You Need to Know

A friend who loves gardening way so much recently moved to the city and he just can't continue with his habitual pursuits- yes, growing things is his hobby. When he moved there, there were so many people and the space was limited. This meant that he could no longer work on his hobby anymore. Anymore? Well, I thought otherwise and decided to tell him about vertical gardening systems. Today, my friend has a whole large kitchen garden from such a limited space. If you love your kales and lettuce fresh, then I'd advise that you start thinking about utilizing the little space you have. Here's how!

Setting it up

If you do not have enough space in your yard (or house) for a vegetable garden, then you should give a shot to vertical gardening. It is the solution for everyone who loves gardening but can't get the space to do practice it. And yes- you can grow your greens in 3-5 gallon containers as long as you are interested. Some of the most common herbs you may want to grow include cherry tomatoes, plum, roma, pumpkins, yard long beans, potatoes, zucchini and yellow crookneck squash among others!

What you need

You need sandpaper, stable gun and staples, wooden pallet, planting soils, plants, hammer and nails as well as landscaping paper. First, you should sand down any rough patches along the corners on the pallet. If it happens that the pallet isn't helping much then you can nail them into the wood using the nails you bought. Then, staple a doubled up landscaping paper. You need to staple it on the back of the pallet. For further info, check out here:

Then, fill a laid down pallet with potting soil. Ensure the soil is firmly pressed but only to the extent that it allows planting. No is the time to start planting your herbs, Use seedlings and ensure that you start with the pallet at the bottom. Continue doing this upwards and you finish the last layer. After you have planted all the seedlings, water them to their satisfaction. Now, let the pallet stay there for about two weeks so that the plants can grow roots. Now, keep the pallet upright and enjoy watching hundreds of herb seedlings mature into consumable crops!

That's how you do tower gardening! Vertical gardening is simple and beneficial especially to people who have limited spaces. So you can always take your vegetables fresh, even when there is no real garden in your apartment thanks to the vertical gardening systems! Check out Mr Stacky site for more ideas.

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